PREMIUM Grade, Tier 4C Wild Ginseng

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Wild ginseng has been recognized as the most precious Chinese herbal medicine in the past two thousand years. It enjoys the reputation of “King of Herbs” and is the first choice for the Chinese nobility to boost their health. Modern medical research has proven that wild ginseng can strengthen the body, prevent cancer, anti-aging, and treat a variety of adult diseases. The China national standard GB/T18765-2015 defines wild ginseng as ginseng that grows naturally in the deep forest for more than 15 years after sowing. After 15 to 40 years of natural growth, only less than 5% of ginseng can survive in the harsh wild environment without human intervention. These surviving ginsengs will then be harvested by the professionals and certified by China National Ginseng Products Quality Supervision Inspection Center’s (NGPQSIC) before they become Standardized Commodities of Singapore’s Global Ginseng Exchange (SGGEx).

Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange (SGGEx) is an international spot commodity online trading platform linking wild ginseng buyers and sellers around the globe. With its unique business ecosystem and advanced electronic trading technology, SGGEx has successfully reinvented the global supply chain of Chinese wild ginseng and established a transparent market for wild ginseng’s buyers and sellers. At SGGEx, producers can submit offering and listing requests to sell ginseng commodities directly to end consumers, thus forming a secondary market. Due to the substantial saving in intermediate cost, end consumers can purchase better quality Chinese wild ginseng at a more favorable price on the trading platform. After the commodities are listed, end consumers can choose to continue storing their listed commodities in the approved warehouse, physical delivery or resell the listed commodities via the secondary market.

This product is sold directly to end consumers by approved suppliers certified by SGGEx. Since this product is not listed in SGGEx, you will not be able to resell the product. You can only choose to continue storing the product in the approved warehouse  (additional charges will be applied) or physically deliver the product to a designated location. Upon successful purchase, you will receive a unique serial number and authentication certificate issued by the China National Ginseng Product Quality Supervision Inspection Center (NGPQSIC) for each product.  You may want to verify the certificate at NGPQSIC official website (​